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Hello & welcome to the Eco Eco Directory. Our aim is simple, we want to provide easily accessible and comprehensive information for people looking for eco and green businesses. If, as a business you advocate sustainability and environmentally processes, or produce eco or sustainable products but are struggling to get exposure for your business then our site can help you reach more eyeballs and generate enquiries.


Ultimately, we want to act as an intermediary between the eco minded consumer and businesses helping them connect and also promoting information which aligns with our mission and promotes sustainability in the community. From new local and national initiatives that are being championed by organisations and business, through to cutting edge research and development in the field of reducing climate change we will feature news and articles that you'll want to read about.


Participate in our Earn a Green Badge Scheme

When you submit your business details to our directory you'll have the chance to earn a green badge providing your business meets some criteria. To earn a green badge your business needs to satisfy the following the criteria:


Recycling Badge

In order to obtain the recycling badge your business or organisation needs to satisfy the following criteria:

- Has an environmental/community officer in charge of recycling

- Has an offiicial recycling policy which is firmly adhered to by staff, owners and external contractors


Carbon Neutral/Offset Badge

For the carbon neutral/offset badge your business or organisation need to demonstrate the following:

- An offset program/initiative is already in place. This program could be in the form of donations to charities, zero or low emissions arising from logistics/transportation, using renewable energy to power offices or similar workplace premises.

- Is working towards CarbonNeutral® certification or has already obtained this.


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